In Ned Kelly’s Irish footsteps

Ned Kelly Bushranger and Legend

Ned Kelly was hanged in Melbourne 131 years ago.  Even before he died he was a legend, famous or infamous depending on your status, heritage or religious beliefs.  His death came a few short years after the Eureka Rebellion, where Irishman Peter Lalor led the miners’ revolt.

Ned’s father John (Red) Kelly was born in Tipperary, Ireland.  He was “transported” to Australia for stealing two pigs.

Ned was born in Beveridge, Victoria and came to the attention of the police when he was just 14 years old.

Ned was arrested many times but often the charges were dropped due the lack of evidence or possible witnesses intimidation.

Ned spent time in prison for assault and  horse stealing,  in April 1878 he was forced to go on the “run” after he was accused (possibly falsely) of wounding a police constable.  This led to the forming of the Kelly Gang.

Ned killed three policemen at Stringybark Creek in October 1878

Ned and his gang committed two major bank robberies Euroa December 1878 and Jerilderie February 1879.

Ned was wounded and captured at Glenrowan, after his gang held the town captive for two days.  It was here that Ned and his gang (Dan Kelly, Joe Byrne and Steve Hart) used the now famous armour to protect their upper bodies from police gunfire.

Ned was sentenced to death by Irish-born Judge Redmond BarryNed was hanged on 11 November 1880 at Melbourne Gaol.

Please see my other website for details of other Irish Australians who followed in Ned’s footsteps

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